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Our brands

For over 20 years, our in-house technicans and developers have been working tirelessly to maintain and further develop the high quality that permeates all of our brands. The core foundation and strength of Winn Scandinavia lays in our unique products which, thanks to a well-developed export business, reaches most parts of the world. We also distribute some of the biggest brands in car and home entertainment for the nordic market.

GAS Car Audio

GAS Car Audio has since production started in 1997 grown to become one of the most popular car audio brands in Scandinavia. With a wide range of products developed by our in-house technicans we offer and supply great sound for everyone, because we do believe that great sound is something worth striving for.


The Dynavoice logo has always been a quality stamp and our crest that garuantees that you are buying and listening to home audio products that we are really proud of. Nobody can tell you what perfect sound is, not even us. We can, however, give you the best tools available. We happen to call them Dynavoice.

System One

When in search for great sound, stunning attention to detail and something utterly priceworthy for your home audio, System One easily comes to mind. Once described as 'flying with business class but paying for coach' Pay less, expect more!


LED lights with unparalleled longevity and luminance for car, enduro and work vehicles. The range consists of LED bars, work lights, taillights and light kits for your helmet. Nizled brings a new standard to the table and comes with a shiny promise. We brighten your day!

We distribute


We distribute

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