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Our brands

For over 20 years, our in-house technicans and developers have been working tirelessly to maintain and further develop the high quality that permeates all of our brands. The core foundation and strength of Winn Scandinavia lays in our unique products which, thanks to a well-developed export business, reaches most parts of the world. We also distribute some of the biggest brands in car and home entertainment for the nordic market.

GAS Audio Power

GAS Audio Power has since production started in 1997 grown to become one of the most popular car audio brands in Scandinavia. With a wide range of products developed by our in-house technicans we offer and supply great sound for everyone, because we do believe that great sound is something worth striving for.


The Dynavoice logo has always been a quality stamp and our crest that garuantees that you are buying and listening to home audio products that we are really proud of. Nobody can tell you what perfect sound is, not even us. We can, however, give you the best tools available. We happen to call them Dynavoice.

System One

When in search for great sound, stunning attention to detail and something utterly priceworthy for your home audio, System One easily comes to mind. Once described as 'flying with business class but paying for coach' Pay less, expect more!


LED lights with unparalleled longevity and luminance for car, enduro and work vehicles. The range consists of LED bars, work lights, taillights and light kits for your helmet. Nizled brings a new standard to the table and comes with a shiny promise. We brighten your day!


DLS was founded in 1979 with the creation of a state-of-the-art police radio receiver that could scan all frequencies. Even from this very first product, the company chose to have exceptional build quality and high performance as their trademark - a tradition which continues to this day! The company has won numerous prizes and awards for their designs over the years, including in the IASCA / EMMA finals and from industry-leading magazines and publications all over the globe. The incredible speakers and amplifiers, with their characteristic warm and natural sounds, were the preferred choice for many of the pro installers.


Proson is a high quality accessory brand with a brand image focusing on the Scandinavian nature. The purpose is to provide the full pure experience of sound and images. Proson was founded in the 1980s producing a wide range of products with a high price/performance ratio. We have rebooted this classic brand, still with a focus on high quality and competitive prices, a good distributor margin, a seductive design and store friendly packaging.

Bass Habit

Bass Habit brings you that brutal bass we know you’re looking for. That breathtaking bass that’ll shake your bones and let the beat of adrenaline run through your body. Again and again, and at a price that’ll blow your mind, made possible by focusing on proven components that brings out the most of your hard- earned money. Simply put, brutal bass for the buck.


Arcsound started with a simple idea: creating well-sounding, playful audio products with irresistible designs. The premise is quite simple. The core tenets of Arcsound are entirely centered on pure joy, ease of use and to add a splash of magic through careful engineering. The aim is to achieve a magic warmth to every product, while also making sure your favorite music sounds the way you want it to.


Auto-Connect was born out of experience and market demand. By identifying what was missing on the market and improving what was already there Auto-Connect has quickly become a go-to brand. The line-up is made up of a mix of innovative installation solutions, high quality cables and high demand standard accessories.


Lightz is back, bolder than ever! Out with neon, in with the LED revolution. Remember the Fast & The Furious days? Lightz cranked up that vibe a notch. Say farewell to complex installs; Lightz's interior and exterior kits are easy, durable, and ooze style. This isn't your average upgrade; it's a Lightz experience. Ready to own the night? This time, Lightz isn't just illuminating cars; it's defining a lifestyle. Let's roll with style, let's roll with Lightz! Get ready for a ride where brilliance hits the road.

Selected brands

Audiotec Fischer

Audiotec Fischer supplies a first-class sound system for your car. Whether it's a simple plug-and-play sound upgrade or a tailor-made high-end car hifi system. With brands like BRAX, Helix & Match, you can get a premium sound for your modern car.

Rockford Fosgate

Passion drives Rockford Fosgate's purpose. They build top-tier audio systems for diverse lifestyles. Engineered for speed, their sound solutions cater to a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and off-road vehicles.


Magnat integrates nearly five decades of development experience and passion into its products. The utilization of cutting-edge technologies and premium materials is dedicated to a singular objective: delivering the finest sound for music and films.


Macrom prioritize audio and visual quality, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless multimedia installations. Powered by the Google Android operating system, their multimedia players deliver ease, functionality, and performance for an elevated multimedia experience.

Silent Coat

Silent Coat is a premier provider of soundproofing and noise control products for vehicles. Silent Coat provide acoustic and thermal insulation solutions tailored for all kind of cars, vans, 4x4s, motorhomes, and specialized automotive markets.


Vibrofiltr has been producing sound damping materials since 2005. All their products are researched and tested in their own acoustic laboratory. Meet one of the best sound deadening materials in the whole industry.

B² Audio

B² Audio was founded in Denmark. Their goal was simple, not to be the cheapest, but to aim for the best car sound! B² products is a celebrated brand among both hobby enthusiasts and among those who compete at the very highest elite level.

Dayton Audio

For over two decades, Dayton Audio has specialized in audio components, particularly the field of loudspeaker design and production. Throughout the years, Dayton Audio products have received acclaim worldwide and are often compared to similar items costing far more.

Hammer Tech

Developed and tested by competitors in the US, tortured tested in extreme conditions in Brazil. Constantly adapting to meet customers requirements and improving their products to cater to all markets internationally.


ACV offer a wide range of customized solutions following OEM standards as well as standardized series products for the after-market. ACV is an experienced specialist in technical automotive accessories with more than 33 years of experience.

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