It all comes down to sound experiences that last

In the beginning there was sound

The story of our Swedish company starts with the two empty hands of a dedicated enthusiast. And a genuine interest for sound. It takes courage, strength and will to make the right things happen. To start from scratch, to earn a position, to know what is expected and work it out no matter what. To give what it takes to achieve a greater goal is a lifetime journey. Our founders are on that journey. Today it´s called Winn Scandinavia.

The will of Winn

Winn Scandinavia carries a long, genuine business tradition. Through good times and bad the family company has been standing strong and transformed a small shop in a mid-sized Swedish city to a global brand with a vast product range, several stores and e-commerce. Our organization has existed in various constellations since 1992. We never compromise on quality, or lose focus on details, in our ambition to find new ways and solutions in creating the right products for our customers. It all comes down to one thing – we do what we do with pride and we love to win.

The spirit of right

To build a generation of successful brands requires hard work by committed people who care and understand the meaning of real co-operation. But most importantly it is necessary to let joy, laughter and comfort be a part of that process. We create opportunities for the customer, our co-workers and our business through dedication, knowledge and joy. We offer the right products at the right price and the right solutions at the right cost. The right opportunities for the right people – we call it the spirit of right.

The culture and values

Our culture and values is what guides us, our attitudes and our behaviour - every day. It is the ethical compass of the company and what brings us together. Winn Scandinavia is run by the values "Together, with joy and quality". Three words that we live by everyday and something we proudly show in everything we do.

Do you want to be a part of the team?