24M €

Over the past years we've grown by 100% reaching a turnover over 24 million Euro, still with good profit.


At the moment we deliver our products to 50 different markets. We will keep expanding into new markets in the future.


Our most important asset is our employees. We are currently more than 75 geeks in the company.

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A core foundation of Winn is to develop our own high quality products, which reaches most parts of the world.


Our passion for business has brought us the opportunity to specialize at both e-commerce and omni-channel.


We're proud of our employees and always looking for our next talent. Join our team!

GAS Audio Power

GAS Audio Power has since production started in 1997 grown to become one of the most popular car audio brands in Scandinavia. With a wide range of products developed by our in-house technicans we offer and supply great sound for everyone, because we do believe that great sound is something worth striving for.


The Dynavoice logo has always been a quality stamp and our crest that garuantees that you are buying and listening to home audio products that we are really proud of. Nobody can tell you what perfect sound is, not even us. We can, however, give you the best tools available. We happen to call them Dynavoice.

BRL Electronics

Since 1992 BRL Electronics has been the go-to place for audio fanatics seeking to find memorable sound experiences that last. With 10 physical stores equipped with hi-end demo environments and associated assembly workshops combined with a conspicuous E-Commerce, BRL Electronics is prominent both online and offline. At BRL Electronics you always get the best products for the best prices. Because great sound is what we live for!

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